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Career Success for Ambitious Women
6:00 PM - 11:59 PM The Wonder Jam Headquarters
Date: September 19, 2019 to September 19, 2019
Where: The Wonder Jam Headquarters, 1145 Chesapeake Ave., Suite J, Columbus, Ohio, United States, 43212
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Career Success for Ambitious Women

Using values to unlock new levels in your career, we'll uncover your truest potential by challenging yourself about what's actually important to you. Women invest years of hard work to build a successful career, yet often reach a point where they aren't satisfied. The change they want may be as subtle as achieving more balance in their lives, or it might be as big as a new job, pay increase, or more recognition. Or maybe they can't pinpoint what they want—but they know they need to make a change. More often than not, the issue is a lack of clarity around their core values. As a result, it's impossible to ensure they are living their lives according to what's most important to them. That can lead to a feeling of imbalance, lost confidence, wheel spinning, or lack of control. We manage our homes, families, relationships, and careers. Being pulled in so many different directions—it's no surprise when career development slides to the bottom of our priority lists. But what if your career could be better or more or just different? On Thursday, September 19th, join Emily Smith at The Wonder Jam for an evening dedicated to ambitious women like you. We'll focus on the importance of deep reflection as it relates to your values and their application to your personal career development. In a nutshell, Emily will help you evaluate what's truly important to you, so you can align your career with your core values and passions (aka, one of the biggest keys to career fulfillment). During this 90-minute workshop, you can expect: Calm, ambient lighting + soft music (for deep relaxation) Guided breathing exercise by Emily A short presentation on values and your career Individual values exercise Small group discussion 30 minutes of wine and chit-chat after the workshop Oh, and be sure to bring a yoga mat or blanket to sit on—we're getting cozy! Hurry! Grab your tickets before they sell out. This workshop will be a small group of 15-20, so these will go FAST. See you ther
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